Tuesday, December 16, 2014

the {tunic} dream!

It's been a year of waiting but my most excellent gift of the perfect tunic has finally arrived and I couldn't be happier. My favorite caffeine fiend ordered up one for herself and one for me for Christmas last year but the shop got a little confused and sent up a size medium instead of a custom order. Due to my location being hours away and my refusal to settle for another spiffy spring collection dress I decided to wait until Fall. It arrived just yesterday morning and I put it on immediately (good thing I plan on layering it up). I may need to call up the shop and see if they can make me one in another color as well now that they have my measurements! If yer in L.A. check out Matrushka in Silverlake. There is oodles to look at and try on and if they have the fabric in the shop...custom made! Thank you bestest lady in the world! Top is from Kohl's (M) believe it or not, leggings are from Target (XL), and the boots are my newest Alegria obsession.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

a little bit of holiday cheer


Yesterday was the 15th anniversary of my Mother's death. The day itself was not a hard day as I miss my mom pretty much all the time. But it did explain the meltdowns over microscopic things I have been having. Meltdowns, no matter how microscopic always make me feel small and petty. Embarrassing, really. My mother loved Christmas. The colors and sparkle of it all so instead of wallowing in sadness, the mama a-go-go and I put on some holiday tunes and set about decorating the homestead. It's not much but it's cheery.

Monday, December 08, 2014

the november bed {finally!}

Breaking it down because oh golly I love this one! Amazing garland made by the ever-so-lovely Meghan aka blufairy19 of coloriffic lore. Little yellow doll from France that I picked up at the now defunt Uncle Jer's in Silverlake. Headboard made by my brother. Top pillowcase made by me from some of my most favorite fabric ever...I cannot recall who made it but it's fairly recent (2011?). The yellow pillowcase is a recent Target find (I wish I bought an orange set as well) and the orange polka dot is a one time purchase from Delia's because orange and polka dots! The red and pink pillowcase  (and the awesome orange quilt) from my favorite partner in coffee and the green was a thrift score. The fun pink and orange patchwork dealio was made by me sometime in 2008 or 2009 with some new, vintage, and repurposed fabrics in what we like to call jek colors. This whole get-up is chockfull of jek colors and makes me stupid happy. And if yer peeking at other parts of the (so very tiny) bedroom the domo was a Target valentine special, the paper flowers were a gift from Susan of West Coast Crafty. The salmon pink shelf was a thrift find that I asked the mister to paint for me. The inside of the shelf has been papered with green scrapbook and origami paper by me. The W was a gift from a student and the blue buddha was a thrift score at fifty-cents. The mister made the bedside house shaped shelves and yes, there are three books on my currently reading spot. They are this, this, and this. I am also reading this but it is in my purse.

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Saturday, December 06, 2014

we went on a wee road trip

up the coast
coffee in carmel
a little bit of wandering as well
a most amazing torta lunch in seaside
another wander around monterey bay
in the late afternoon
that magic light
looking for color to photograph
checking out the nooks and crannies
the touristy parts
then time for tv and arm knitting