Friday, March 27, 2015

scrumdilly style 3: day 10

Yeah, the blouse is too poufy and there is a bit of a bag at my knees and I said the black pants didn't sag but I think they still work well save for all the cat hair they collect. I do like the brown, black, and plum combo here. Phew!

scrumdilly style 3: day 9

Shirt over dress, yay or nay? I felt comfortable in it and the shirt did not ride up but looking at the photo my vanity wants to hide under the bed. Yeesh! The shoes are Alegria (lookie, the black is on sale!), not as wide as their mary-janes or oxfords but still wide enough for my feet. These have a very slight cloggish heel and there is sparkle in the shoe. Probably not the best footwear for a 44 year old but they will be great for my punk-rock red hat days, don't ya think?

Thursday, March 26, 2015

scrumdilly style 3: day 8

scrumdilly style 3: day 7

Here's another combo I liked even if I feel the photo makes me look uber frumpy. It may be the shoes. Let's talk about shoes. I'm not sure why it is I love a clompy clown shoe but I do. I think it may be because I have a fairly small foot and a larger frame so that I look like I'm going to tip over unless my shoes have enough balance in front. See? Balance! It's important.  I think I have always liked this style of shoe, I feel like it is European (not necessarily stylish) and somewhere in my growing up someone wore these and I wanted them. I've tried many brands to finally find the pair that works for me. If you are searching for a hard to find foot and you find a brand or style you like, try ebay first. These oxfords here are Alegria that are usually priced over $150. I found this pair on ebay at auction for $35 with shipping. They are too big and they squeak when I walk but I still love them and know that the next pair I order (they come in pink!) will be one size smaller. Experiment, search, and shop without breaking the bank, your feet, or back!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

scrumdilly style 3: day 6

Dress as jumper...what day think? It's a bit 80's perhaps or even maybe too preschool-teacherish? I don't care, I like it!

scrumdilly style 3: day 5

I liked this one. At least, it's comfortable and fairly stylish (ignore the waistband belly bulge please). The shirt is a comfy thrifted find and the pants are what I call my "old lady" ankle pant. I picked these up at Kohl's from the Croft and Barrow collection which I always think of as the old-lady shop. While these do not have pockets, the fabric fits well, does not bag, and is of a really nice black (not a green black or a brown black). The waistband fits flat and does not have an elastic insert that twists after the first washing. I hate when that happens! A nice stretch trouser that is slightly cropped keeps you from looking like you are wearing leggings. I have an ankle boot that I think would look swanky too. Also? A converse style low top if you can wear them and/or a motorcycle boot. See? Versatile! Don't be afraid of a form fitting pant!